About the Scott Martin Foundation

See His Face, Hear His Name, Recognise His Foundation & It’s Aims!

The Scott Martin Foundation was founded on the 9th February 2021 by Samantha Merrilees, following the sudden and tragic passing of her precious son Scott Peter Martin, aged 16 years.  

Scott was an extremely gifted and promising young boxer as well as a top youth footballer, who spent time on the books of professional clubs such as Scotland BC, Falkirk FC, Hearts BC and Partick Thistle Youth Squad, as well as local clubs Syngenta Juveniles and LK Galaxy

Scott’s own struggle with mental health before his tragic passing on 1st January 2021, has left his family devastated but determined to bridge the gap so many young people like Scott find themselves facing and to ensure that some level of support will be offered to sufferers and families while waiting to been seen by a designated clinician or mental health professional.

What we do

Our foundation aims are,
: To raise awareness of youth suicide and mental health
: To educate and enable people to support young people suffering with poor mental health
: To offer support, care and focus through exercise, boxing, private counselling and therapies.
 We plan to deliver our aims by working alongside other local sporting and mental health organisations, to offer training courses for parents and people working with young people as well which will be delivered by our partner FDAMH, Falkirk’s Mental Health Association.  
These courses will advise and educate in not only the signs of self harm and suicidal ideation but also help to understand and be confident in how to approach the subject with their kids or the kids they are supporting as well as how to keep them safe.  
We will also fund and offer private counselling or therapy’s through FDAMH as well as other local organisations and mental health professionals who have joined forced with us to ensure there is a variety of support options available. 
Our main aims are safety and prevention which both come through education and communication.
We offer a Mental Health Course for parents designed personally by Sammy based on information she felt she should have received to help her support Scott in managing his illness. It is delivered by our partners FDAMH and fully funded by both organisations.  The course helps parents to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of what their chid may be experiencing, how to approach the conversation with their child and most importantly, how to keep them safe.
It has been designed specifically to help parents understand and identify possible signs of self-injury and suicidal ideation.
Our aim is to train as many parents, family members and care givers as possible using information Sammy herself describes as “invaluable” and a “must know” for any parent trying to support their child through their own mental health journey.
Also working with us is Scotts favourite places, McLeod Scott Boxing Gym and Sparta Boxing Academy to offer boxing classes and exercise to give the young people in our community a place to go and a focus.
Supporting local families who find themselves in the same situation as we have is also an important aim for us..  Therefor was also offer peer support and bereavement support so that families know they are not alone on their journeys. 
Registered Charity SC051224